I once met a superman... Part 2

September, 19… An ordinary day for everyone but me… he was coming to Kiev from the other part of the country, his decision to come back earlier scared me so much. No one ever did anything like this for me..and he just changed his plans and came to me. 

It`s nice to remember how anxious I was that day, and busy, I was invited for a dinner, then I had stretching classes after which I had to take some of my stuff from a friend…and in the evening I was planning to meet a Superman for the first time, offline. During the day we kept texting, I told him I was nervous, he told me I should not worry, i must say, it helped, a little) 

It`s funny how men and women act before an important meeting, men think what to say, women — what to wear:D

7 p.m I was playing cards just to calm down my nerves :D And he was already waiting for me downstairs…  I was worried if I wouldn`t recognize him. And when I finally went outside I didn`t notice him, and I didn`t know what to do, luckily I saw a friend of mine so, not to look stupid I decided to say “hello” and as I came closer I saw him. He was sitting next to my friend. He stood up as he saw me said “Hello”, and I felt like my heart started a race with the fastest thing in the world — time..he looked so charming and cute, I couldn`t stop but being weird)) And awkward)) It was the moment I decided to destroy all those walls I`ve built for many years of being single, being alone. And let someone in, give it a try. I think, we both wanted to give it a try.  

So we went the cinema, oh I wanted to take his hand on the way so badly, also because I wore those heels (roads in Ukraine and any heels - bad idea :D). And there we were, waiting for a movie to start, sitting across, I could not say a word, too shy I guess my cheeks could actually be compared to a tomato at that moment). I thought I could just sit there and look at him the whole evening…

As we watched the movie I thought he would take my hand or smth, but he did nothing haha, so I decided to take the first step and took his hand, oh, it took me forever to go for it)I remember my mind kept telling me “now or never, it`s now or never”… His hand was so warm, I felt the tension when I touched him, I guess he was even much more anxious than I was, but he took my hand and didn`t let it go for a moment then…

On the way back there wasn`t any tension anymore…and as we were walking there was this one moment..he grabbed me and kissed me. And I let him to… as I felt he could become the one, do I sound too naive? or childish? But how could I resist when his arms felt like home? 

— вот это мои 10 из 10
-тебе все ещё нужны 10? Или один? Я
-Ты мои 10 из 10

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