I once met a superman... Part 1.

I am definitely fool in love! What about you? 

It was the middle of September when we met. Online. Funny thing, we kinda started and finished with “us” online…ok, I tell the story as it was, no more spoilers)) 

“Who`s the devil a man or a woman?”- was the first thing I asked him, I even wasn`t expected for it to be answered) And it was the beginning. As our conversation kept going I`ve found myself addicted to his messages, every single day I knew as soon as my profile change status to “online” I`d recieve “good morning” from him, and it felt so right even though we haven`t met in real life. He became my virtual superman :D 

Meantime, I had some troubles with finding a place to live, I had to move out from room I rented, and I was staying at my friends` place..He was looking for a new place too, and he`d found one, now I wonder what if I supported him then and suggest we rent it together, would he agree? how would it change our present?..

Anyway, it`s been few days before we met, I saw his pics in Instagram…and it ruined my evening :D I didn`t like him at all, honestly I was about to block him, or just ignore (it is my way of running away from feelings?)haha and I always do that, but this time…I decided to go with a flow, and see what happen when we meet….

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