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It was just a few days ago, I met my friends, haven`t seen them for a while (we live in different cities now). So after sharing plans for the future and telling some news we started to talk about sex. It`s absolutely normal for us.(It`s just I know not all friends can discuss that, maybe strange, but I feel lucky to be this much honest with my friends). 

Anyway, we ended up discussing the number of sexual partners we`ve had. And I was told to be a “Saint”. As it was just one boy, when my friends have had sex with about 10 partners in four years. It`s not like they would have sex with any random guy ang yea you`ve got to kiss lots of frogs before you`ll find your prince :D And I am not totally against sex, I guess it`s just my mind always call the shots and not my vagina :D hmm, as I kept thinking about it, finally discovered that I just haven`t even met a guy I`d like to have a casual sex with, this one night stand thing.

So how do you think, which part of you decides to have sex your brain or your vagina/penis? How many partners did you have? Or perhaps you`re against sex before marriage?

Feel free to express your opinion! And don`t be rude!

p.s:sorry for mistakes I`ve probably made, English isn`t my native language)  

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Why would you ever want to talk about something like that at a public forum-like blog???

There are pleny of special web-sites for such discussions… As to your questions... 


here's some good info in a… proper format)))

Why not?) It`s just a flow of my thoughts) 

And thank you for the link

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